I have three! And I just purchased one for my daughter who is now in college. I don’t use my other knives anymore.

Candy MGreenbelt, MD 20770

We purchased an adirondack bow knife at least 10 years ago. We have never sharpened it, and it is still our preferred knife for cutting breads and bagels. It’s very safe to use, and I’ve purchased the knife several times as gifts for others. I just purchased five additional knives for Christmas presents. It’s the best investment I’ve made in a kitchen tool!! This year, we also purchased the chopping block bowl and the chop and rock blade. It’s great, and guests who help with dinner preparation always comment on what fun it is to use. Thanks for your great products.

ReneeFairport, New York

I love my Adirondack bow knife so much I bought another one for my daughter!

Libby Gaithersburg, MD

My wife and I have been buying your knives for years ! wouldn’t know how to cook without them!

John Towson, MD

I have arthritis and this is the only knife I can use!! Thank you for making such a wonderful product

RachelMiami, FL

This is the best knife to use on bagels!

DaveNew Paltz, NY

I used to shed my roasts now I can cut them so thin just like my husband likes it

DorothyBennington, VT

I love chopping my salads with this knife. My daughter loves it too, I bought her one also!

Mrs. B. KennedySeattle, WA

The knife does exactly what you said it would! I love it!

Donna Timonium, MD

It took me a long time to find you. I’ve had my power knife for many years and wanted to buy another one. I’m so happy to find you I love it! Its the best knife I’ve ever owned!

KatyaMarlboro, NY

I’ll never use another electric gadget now that I own all your wonderful knives thank you for making such wonderful things!

AnonRonda, WI

I’m 33 years old with bad arthritis in my hands. I’ve never been able to prepare food for my family without the help of my husband. Now, thanks to your wonderful knives, I can. God bless you!

JanetWatervliet, NY

I just want to thank you for helping me get another one of these great knives for my friend. I know she is going to love hers as much as I love mine. It cuts my bread without making it flat afterwards! I would recommend it for any bagel lover out there!”


Just have to tell ya, I used my knife to cut my eggplant paper thin! I could not do that with my expensive knives so easiliy!


Thanks so much for the Chop n’ Rock knife. I will be ordering more of your great products in the future!


I have been a tech shop teacher for over 30 years using fine tools and machinery and have spent an equal amount of time in the kitchen preparing my special meals. Your knives are not only ergonomically correct, but fun to use as well! My sliced veggies and thinly sliced chicken are always a delight for my salad or stirfry! Thank you for such a great knife!


Ive had , I would say, all of your  knives and have nothing but rave reviews  for you!! At least 20 years maybe more..Its one thing that actually does what they say..   they last a lifetime !mine are as I said at least 20 years


im 28 and have had rheumatoid arthritis all my life and have never been able to make a meal for my family. Now I can thanks to you knives! Thankyou! Thankyou! I cant thankyou enough for making such a wonderful product that has helped my life so much!

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  1. Dorothy
    Dorothy says:

    I love, love my Adirondack bow knife! I use it for bread, tomatoes, carrots, etc. I bought a left-handed one for my husband. It is so easy to clean and keep the wood oiled.

  2. Joe & Stella Mitzen
    Joe & Stella Mitzen says:

    Joe & Stella Mitzen – Mitzen Photography
    We bought the first two knives last year.. then the chopper and this year the super knife… makes cutting most anything easy !! Love them.. and the sales women are the best! Quality and timeless knifes.. AWESOME!!! We d highly recommend these to everyone who loves being in the kitchen ! they come sharp.. and STAY Sharp!!!!


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